Video: Weddings in a North Korea park under a giant Kim Il Sung Statue

March 4, 2013 by Joshua
in NorthKorea

Dozens of North Korean couples celebrate their weddings in a park with a giant statue of Kim Il Sung.

Part way through, they start inviting us — Americans! — to join their parties (we think they thought we were Russian).

Amazing insight to an intimate part of North Korean life.

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3 responses on “Video: Weddings in a North Korea park under a giant Kim Il Sung Statue

  1. i find it amazing watching all of these videos from this wedding video to the one playing frisbee with the kids. it shows a human side of a closed society, which is something few americans i think really consider about the dpr korea. i do wonder though if any of these people have any knowledge of the outside world, or are they so brainwashed, that they all believe they are living in a workers paradise. the other thing is if these people are aware of the labor camps and the food shortages that are widespread in the countryside.

    • What you mention is why I consider the trips there among my most educational and eye-opening experiences. The land is beautiful, but it doesn’t have the usual natural beauty of most vacation spots. It’s that it’s so different from any place else, yet the people are the same underneath, just living under conditions more different than any place else I know of. You end up learning about yourself and the systems you live under.

      People often use the word brainwash, but “wash” implies someone erased what was there and put in something new. I don’t think that describes them. The government keeps out information so they don’t know in the first place. From what I hear from people who have been there more than me, they know something about the outside world and that other places have more material prosperity and political freedom but that it isn’t better any place else. I also hear that’s changing as more media, especially dvds, cross the border from China. Also, some people do leave to work abroad and come back.

      Still, I hear that many people who escape are overwhelmed and can have a hard time adjusting, implying the difference is far greater than they expect.

      Look up the book Nothing to Envy for more detailed stories of people there.

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