90,000 burpees!

March 10, 2017 by Joshua
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I decided to post my regular 10,000-burpee increment update on Inc. first this time. I’m only supposed to sample the beginning of the article when it first goes up.

So click to my Inc. post, “90,000 Burpees Today,” which begins

90,000 Burpees Today

I started my daily burpee habit in December 2011. Today I hit my 90,000th.

I’m a 45-year old man and I’ve done burpees every day since December 21, 2011, inspired by a New York Times article by Gretchen Reynolds in which a fitness expert, Dr. Martin Gibala, suggested them as a candidate for the single best exercise.

Neither of them expected anyone to do just them, but I did. I’ve written about them here and on my blog.

I consider myself in the best shape of my life, physically, emotionally, and intellectually.

Today I hit my 90,000th burpee. To be more specific, when I say burpee now, I mean a ten-minute routine that starts with burpees, then stretches, then set of abdominal exercises, then back and bicep exercises.

90,000 is a nice, round number, tantalizingly close to a sixth digit.

Read the rest at 90,000 Burpees Today.

90000 burpees Inc

My Inc. post on hitting 90,000 burpees today.

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3 responses on “90,000 burpees!

  1. I stumbled across your blog around 2012 while reading up on good daily habits. I admire your tenacity and integrity in maintaining burpees as a core part of your exercise regimen.

    I was out of shape last year, so I decided to revisit your page and just do burpees each day. I had tried walking daily, but I ended up gaining more weight somehow. I wanted a reliable and effective exercise that I could do daily without having to go to the gym.

    I started in December of last year with 50 burpees minimum and still do at least 50 minimum per day. Currently, I prefer to do them in descending sets of ten repetitions (Mike Rowe’s short video on burpees inspired that) then I do one set of 25 repetitions afterwards for around eighty burpees in the morning.

    The exercise is challenging and always wakes me up. Doing them consistently has helped me build more discipline. My body has benefited too because it looks more toned and even more muscular.

    I’ve also added regular pushups and 70 daily bodyweight squats and am planning on taking on weightlifting. So, by beginning with burpees, I’ve slowly adopted other similarly demanding exercises as part of my daily routine. In about three months, the exercise has created a foundation, or as you put it, a baseline that makes me feel fitter, mentally and physically.

    Thank you for being an inspiration. I look forward to seeing more of your burpee milestones.

    • Thank you for sharing, Mike!

      It’s gratifying to learn my actions give other people tools to help themselves. I like reading that besides the physical fitness, you’re also describing mental fitness, discipline, and other things besides the physical part.

      If you found the burpee habit inspirational, have you read my posts about cold showers or avoiding packaged foods or foods with fiber removed?

      I’ll say you’re welcome because you thanked me, but you did all the burpees yourself.

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