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July 28, 2011 by Joshua
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In the midst of my series on Communication Skills Exercises, yesterday I worked with the brilliant, talented, and accomplished Nina Paleyfree culture advocate, creator of Sita Sings the Blues, cartoonist of the insightful, funny, and subversive Mimi and Eunice, and friendly neighbor.

We animated the Freedombox logos John Emerson and I worked on. She also does things like post blog entries titled “I am awesome,” suggesting an obvious affinity for someone as awesome as I.

I enjoyed the links in the reference section of Nina’s Wikipedia page. Search on her and you’ll find more creativity, humor, and support for spreading and sharing culture and ideas.

She knew about the Freedombox project and was open to contributing. We shared ideas of how to animate the flowers. With her experience, we (mostly she) animated the logos.

I hope the meaning of all the elements, their animations, and timing make enough sense that I don’t have to describe them. I’m very happy with the result.

[videofile width=”852″ height=”480″][/videofile]

Are you interested in contributing?

The video could use sound. I’d love to see new styles for the flowers. I have the raw flash file. WordPress prevented me from uploading it, but contact me and I’ll send it. The video and flash files are licensed cc-by-sa, so spread them as much as you like under that license. I’d love to hear what comes of it.

EDIT (August 2, 2011): I uploaded the raw flash files here (right-click to download).

EDIT (August 11, 2011): In case the video above doesn’t show, you can download it here: Animated Freedombox logo

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