Central Park in the Spring

May 16, 2015 by Joshua
in Exercises, Fitness, Habits, Nature

This morning was beautiful in New York City. I was thinking of a running, but when I saw how nice it was I couldn’t stop from taking the train to Central Park and running in my favorite place in the world.

A mile in it started drizzling. It turned into a downpour, for roughly the second mile. You rarely want to run in the rain but once it happens, you like it, especially a warm spring rain like you haven’t felt since before the marathon in November. Last week’s run that made me so sore was a mile and a half longer but almost all flat. Central Park has hills, which makes it more interesting. We’ll see if this run makes me sore, but so far not like last time. As usual the hardest part of a long run is the burpees after and today’s didn’t seem that hard.

Once somebody asked me if someone visited New York and had time only to see one site, what would I suggest. I didn’t pause and answered Central Park and haven’t changed my opinion since.

If an alien visited Earth and had time only to see one site I might suggest Central Park too.

I hope you’re enjoying the outdoors in the spring too.

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