See me at Connectorcon, December 12 in Manhattan

November 9, 2015 by Joshua
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The people who run Connectorcon love connecting people and they’re good at it. Every person they’ve connected me to has been valuable to me. I’m not just talking: I drove back all night after my cousin’s wedding near Pittsburgh to attend their all-day event this past summer.

December 12, from 10am to 6pm they’re hosting a conference to help people connect and learn to connect better. You apply through a questionnaire to connect everyone effectively. I’ll give my Feedforward workshop that got rave reviews this past summer, based on Marshall Goldsmith’s time-tested technique. I’ll include applications beyond anything in his literature.

If you like meeting people or want to improve at it, I recommend attending the whole day. Apply here.

About ConnectorCon


ConnectorCon brings together thought leaders, innovators, educators, and catalysts in fields that utilize connecting and relationship building and encourages thinking spatially, technologically, and socially about connecting.

Participants who attend ConnectorCon events will have:

  • new connections with like-minded connectors

  • a broadened viewpoint of what connecting can be

  • new tools, technology, and systems for connecting

  • community with like-minded individuals

Presented by Small Pond Enterprises, ConnectorCon is short for The Connecting Connectors Conference: a conference designed to create a safe space for the sharing of ideas, resources, and community for connectors. ConnectorCon focuses on the idea that there is no competition, only specialization. Through these conferences we hope to build a powerful community of thoughtful connectors who recognize the power of living in a world of abundance rather than scarcity.

At ConnectorCon, participants from across industries gather to learn about relationship building from expert connectors through panels, lectures, and workshops as well as from one another. Participants spend the day discovering the cross-sections of their relationships and exploring how their networks can support each other.

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