Eliminate guilt and blame for good — the series

December 23, 2013 by Joshua
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I wrote a series of posts on “Getting rid of guilt and blame for good.” I assembled them into series format so you can read them all at once. Check it out.

For reference, the first post begins like this.

Do you like feeling guilty or doing things that make you feel guilt? Do you find blaming people improves your life?

Not likely.

Would you prefer alternatives that don’t make you feel bad and do improve your life?

Of course.

Feeling guilt and blaming others have become rare for me. Life is better without them: I feel better, have more rewarding relationships, have fewer conflicts, and resolve what conflicts I do have more quickly and easily than before. When you understand why you feel them you can avoid doing things that bring them about and feel more productive emotions when you do things that used to bring them about.

There’s nothing special about me. You can eliminate them too. I’ve talked to a number of clients and friends who have told me my way worked for them so I’ll do a short series on the emotions and how to manage them to improve your life.

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