Encouraging reader feedback I couldn’t help but share

September 15, 2013 by Joshua
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Sometimes readers write with questions, suggestions, and feedback. It helps me improve what I write for them. I value what they write and use it to improve my writing. I don’t yet have an experienced editor. What you’re reading is better for what they shared.

Based on that, plus the principle in my post “Sharing what you love fills your life with sharing, love, and stuff you love,” I can’t help but share a comment I got from a reader:

I found your blog through the Mr. Money Mustache forums and have been reading it from beginning to present. My life has greatly improved since I’ve started reading, and while this isn’t a major thing I wanted to share a quick anecdote from this morning.

For someone to read it from the beginning to now means a lot to me. To know what I write is helping someone greatly improves his life is very encouraging!

The non-major-anecdote he described was how my cowboy joke, one of the funniest, totally clean jokes I know, helped break the ice in an introduction to a new team at a new job and got him praise. (Not that I made up the joke. I don’t know its source.)

Does using a joke sound unimportant? With my series on Social Skills Exercises one of my favorite and most read, I consider such success important. We build relationships on every moment, especially first impressions, and little is more attractive than making people laugh, in business or any other social situation.

Thanks to my readers!

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