Entrepreneurs saving heating costs and polluting less

June 1, 2012 by Joshua
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After my recent posts on the environment, the Do The Math blog, and the Sustainable Energy book I liked, a friend and Columbia engineer, Marshall Cox, is succeeding in a business plan competition to help reduce waste with a company called Radiator Labs.

They have a simple idea that could cheaply reduce a lot of waste and make people’s buildings more comfortable. A why-didn’t-someone-think-of-that-a-long-time-ago idea you can’t imagine someone not implementing.

Here’s the video. If you think it would help, click to the Energy.gov site and click “like” (not a creepy Facebook like) to help them in the National Clean Energy Business Plan Competition.

Or maybe you could think of and implement an idea to help reduce waste and pollution too.

Marshall and I are both members of a group that helps entrepreneurs started at Columbia business and law schools that expanded to NYU business and law schools and beyond, called InSITE. Here’s the blog post on Marshall’s team from InSITE.

If you are starting a venture in New York or thinking about it, contact me or InSITE. The group has helped a lot of people start their businesses faster.

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