The Simple Life: My Favorite Daily Moments

October 19, 2017 by Joshua
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My Inc. post today, “The Simple Life: My Favorite Daily Moments,” begins

My Favorite Daily Moments

My Favorite Daily Moments

The Simple Life: My Favorite Daily Moments

Every day has a few golden moments that I create and savor, no matter how many times I live them.

It’s morning, before 8am. I’ve eaten breakfast, which followed my morning exercise, which followed my one-minute waking-up practice.

I’ve already experienced three glorious moments I create every day at no cost in money or time. Actually, they save time.

The picture above shows the neighborhood I wake up to, and I hope you love your neighborhood as much as I love Greenwich Village, but these joys come from my activity, nothing external, and my morning routine needs no equipment, so I start my days with joy and purpose everywhere.

I hope your mornings and days result in such joy, purpose, and meaning. Mine didn’t until the past few years. I wish I had learned to create these results earlier.

Turning off my alarm across the room, bed made, within one minute. I’ve written how my one-minute wake-up, including waking up, getting up, making my bed, and crossing my room to the alarm within 60 seconds begins my day with purpose.

Read the rest at The Simple Life: My Favorite Daily Moments.

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