The Fierce Focus interview with Ryan Ross

March 25, 2017 by Joshua
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Ryan Ross hosts the Fierce Focus podcast. A friend put us in touch. We had an engaging conversation that I enjoyed a lot, probably because he asked direct questions that led to meaningful answers. Also because we actually sat together face-to-face to record the interview, which opens the conversation, in my experience.

Here are the show’s notes:

Josh Spodek has done 90,000 burpees. He has a PhD in astrophysics from Columbia, and an MBA from the Columbia business school where is is a professor at Columbia Business School’s Program on Social Intelligence. He has a new book out, New book: Leadership Step by Step.

This is a LONG episode, and we cover subjects like what a SIDCHA is and why Josh has done 90,000 burpees, how and why he went to North Korea, and talk about his leadership course.

If you listen to the whole thing, you’ll find a special code word. And if you email josh with that code word in the subject, he will give you a special 15% on his leadership course. If you email him after you’ve done 30 days of SIDCHA, he will arrange to get you the book too.

Fierce focus Joshua Spodek interview


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