Have you forgotten you’re alive?

July 23, 2011 by Joshua
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Have you forgotten you’re alive? Do you want to escape the world — the heat of everyday life?

New York City is supposed to hit 103 F (39 C) today. Yesterday was that hot. People say it’s horrible.

If you think the world is that horrible, go for a run in Central Park.

You’ll feel alive. the heat won’t bother you so much afterward. You’ll remember we were born to live in this world. We adapted to it. We have what it takes to survive and flourish in it.

The sign said 97 when I started yesterday. It was less crowded than usual, but people were still there. I got passed by more other runners than usual.

People have crazy ways to remind themselves they’re alive, to create a thrill in life. They jump out of airplanes, they cut themselves… whatever.

Regular life is full of thrills, you just have to be open to finding them instead of avoiding them. Run in the heat instead of trying to escape it, talk to the girl or guy instead of wondering what if, take on the responsibility instead of avoiding it, help the mother carry the stroller down the staircase into the subway even though you’re already late.

All you need for whatever state you want is available.

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