Full lotus: 21 minutes meditating on a Sunday morning

November 2, 2020 by Joshua
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I’m pleased enough with the side effect of regularly meditating that I can sit in a full lotus position for an extended time that I don’t mind posting possibly the most boring video on the internet.

After first meditating at a Vipassana retreat in 2007, starting with a ten-day no reading, writing, phone, etc experiment, I practiced irregularly but deeply, doing more 10-day, 5-day, 3-day, and 1-day retreats slightly less than once per year.

Inspired by my podcast conversation with Julian Guderley in May, I included meditating in my five-day exercise cycle, so I meditate two days out of five for about twenty minutes each time. Gratitude to Julian for inspiring me.

When I started in May, I don’t think I could sit long in a half-lotus position, but kept practicing.

Yesterday morning, I started with 20 breaths in a half-lotus on one side, 20 breaths half lotus on the other side, then the rest in a full lotus. I didn’t realize 40 breaths too six minutes.

The excitement comes at 6:00 – 6:20 when I get into the full lotus position. Then I sit still again for another 15 minutes.

During the first 40 breaths, I focused on the sensation of breathing, though my mind wanders I don’t know how much. While in full lotus I focused on what a course I’m following suggested as an early koan—the question “Who am I?”


Meditation hasn’t revolutionized my life. Mainly it’s created more calmness, patience, and food tasting better. I’m never bored. Maybe more curious.

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