Would you give a friend heroin?

November 18, 2017 by Joshua
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My LinkedIn post today, “Would you give a friend heroin?,” began

Would you give a friend heroin? My LinkedIn post today

Would you give a friend heroin? My LinkedIn post today

Would you give a friend heroin?

A few months ago the host of a podcast I was on sent me a package of brownies to thank me for appearing on his show.

The brownies were prepackaged and looked like this:


A younger me would have eaten them right away. My longtime readers know several reasons I wouldn’t eat them.

First, they are packaged—two or three times, actually: the plastic you see and the box plus wrapping. I avoid packaged food.

Second, they have plenty of ingredients whose fiber has been removed, including sugar, oil, and enriched flour. I avoid fiber-removed food.

Third, I avoid animal products like eggs and dairy.

I’ve learned not to give puppies as gifts and he basically gave me a puppy—something I’d have to deal with, not enjoy.

I didn’t complain. On the contrary I thanked him politely. It’s the thought that counts and I don’t want to impose my values on him.

Stuck with a “fix” I didn’t want

Still, I was stuck with stuff I didn’t want.

Read the rest at Would you give a friend heroin?.

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