I’m going to watch a lot more TV

November 17, 2017 by Joshua
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Fun with language

Longtime readers may remember that most of my life I ate chips, pretzels, and ice cream almost daily.

I felt helpless to stop. It was frustrating.

A few years ago I switched to fruit, nuts, and vegetables for snacks. I’m never going back.

I wrote about how I started calling a head of cabbage a bag of chips in my post How to eat a bag of chips every couple days and lose weight, having fun with language, since cabbage had become my most common snack.

Replacing TV

After years of just doing them, I started timing my burpee-based calisthenics routines. They’re about 15 minutes. I do two sets daily, for 30 minutes, which is about a TV show length.

In the spirit of calling cabbage chips, I’m going to start calling exercising watching TV.

For example, when I do my burpees in the morning, I’ll say, “I’m going to watch TV.”


I’m doing it to refer to something I do daily that replaces the time slot that many Americans fill with TV… only it builds muscle, burns calories, and doesn’t require a TV.

Also, I only exercise about 30 minutes a day. The average American watches—holy cow!—5 hours of TV a day.

That’s shocking. People say my burpees are a big deal, but they take me 10% of the time the average American spends watching TV. They spend ten times more time doing something and say what I do is a lot.

What happened to us?

Average American watches 5 hours of TV per day, report shows

The average American watches 5 hours of TV per day, a report shows

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