Habits aren’t my thing, despite what you might think

May 20, 2020 by Joshua
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I want to clarify a point of confusion, probably my fault. Since I talk a lot about sidchas and habits, one could conclude that I focus on habits as a big part of my life.

On the contrary, though I consider them important, they are less a big part of my life than they make worry and insecurity a small part of my life. For clients that come to me for them, I focus some of my coaching on them. Even then, the goal is to make them automatic—a source of mental freedom.

Someone today suggested that I must be a blogger, as in a big part of my identity, since I blog daily. I said that would make me a tooth brusher since I brush twice a day. He laughed and got that blogging was a means to an end.

To see what my habits do for me, consider that Americans spend billions on diet and exercise. I spend around a dollar a year. Americans feel insecure and worry about their weight and health. My exercise and food bring me joy, confidence, and security. Instead of worrying, I use my mental freedom to apply myself to my passions—for example, leadership and nature.

Sidchas are a background activity that liberate me to focus on foreground activities—my passions.

Habits Under Lock-down

For more on habits and mental freedom, see my webinar on habits. Attendees loved it, saying:

“My boyfriend was an Olympic fencer and I texted him: this webinar is like  an insight into your brain. Now I see how you do everything and how you’re so productive.”

“Holy cow, it’s so simple. It’s so true. I could immediately see the ways . . . I’m pretty fit, I was a collegiate athlete. I work out. I’m doing the insanity program now and I was like ‘Wow!’”

“We talk a lot about freedom, whether it’s financial freedom. Mental freedom is not something I’ve thought of. I thought about freedom with my time—I’m an advertising producer in my nine to five and just thinking about, “Wow, If I had the mental freedom to explore to do this, holy cow!”

“That was revolutionary. That’s going to really help me a lot. That’s the goal of mental freedom.”

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