Make your habits stick! My new seminar.

May 14, 2015 by Joshua
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Do you have trouble making habits stick? Come to my seminar one month from today!

Hosted by the Columbia Business School Alumni Club and NYU-Stern, I gave this seminar at NYU last month and people loved it. They learned things about themselves and about each other that made habits click for the first time.

Date: Sunday, June 14, noon to 4pm
Location: NYU-Stern, 40 West Fourth Street

Whom better to learn about habits from than a guy who started daily exercising one day and then hasn’t missed a day in years and makes a business of coaching and teaching others? I’ve been working on this seminar for a long time and I’m very happy with how it’s come out. It combines forefront science with daily practice in an interactive environment.

Read testimonials from past seminars here.

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From the registration page:

Make Habits Stick For Yourself and Those You Lead

If your New Years resolutions don’t stick to December (or even May), you’re not alone. Most people’s new habits don’t stick. In fact, most fail predictably. And anything predictable you can understand and get to work for you.

After all, some people do make their habits stick—often our role models. If they can, you can.

Join Columbia MBA Joshua Spodek for an afternoon workshop Sunday, June 14 at NYU-Stern to explore and understand the patterns of what makes habits stick so you can use those patterns in your favor to make yours stick. Then we’ll workshop how to apply the same principles to lead others effectively.

When you use the tools that make habits stick for yourself with people you lead, they feel you support them with integrity and empathy, generating dedication and loyalty.

Date: Sunday, June 14, noon to 4pm
Location: NYU-Stern, 40 West Fourth Street
Price: $50 for members, $70 for non-members, $90 at the door

The workshop covers:

  • Recent science on why we plan poorly (or not at all) for the predictable outcomes that undermine our goals
  • Connecting and personalizing that science to your life and experiences
  • Recognizing the thought and behavior patterns when habits fail
  • How to make those patterns work for you instead of against you
  • Interactive workshopping to share what works and learn from each other
  • Applying what works for ourselves to those we lead

Click here to register today!


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