How much of history I’ve lived through

July 20, 2023 by Joshua
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On my birthday, I find it fun to calculate how much of history I’ve lived through. Depending on your age, you might have lived through similar percentages of history.

[EDIT: I attached the spreadsheet to calculate the numbers below if you want to calculate for your life.]


Some numbers, for example: I’ve lived about 2.6 percent of the time Christianity has existed, but only 0.3 percent of the time since agriculture started.

I’ve lived 10 percent of the time since Columbus reached North America and Copernicus suggested the Earth went around the Sun.

I’ve lived about one fifth of the Unites States’ existence and nearly two thirds of the time since the U.S. entered World War II.

I’ve lived almost the entire time since a man first walked on the Moon.

Before I was born

EventEvent DateTime since (years)Fraction I’ve experiencedFraction I’ll experience if I live to 100
Agriculture starts15,0000.3%0.7%
Copernicus: sun at center01/151550910%18%
U.S. declares independence07/177624721%34%
U.S. enters World War II12/19418264%77%
Atomic bomb on Hiroshima08/19457867%79%
First man on moon07/19695496%98%

After I was born

Another way of looking at things is how much I’ve lived since events.

Almost two thirds of my life happened after the Berlin Wall fell.

I’m surprised when people don’t know about my first company, Submedia, but why should I be? I thought of the idea over half my life ago.

I’ve lived a third of my life with an MBA and over 45 percent with a PhD (which I finished after Submedia got its first funding).

I’ve lived over 40 percent of my life post 9/11.

I’ve done burpees daily and posted on my blog daily over one fifth of my life, close to a quarter.

Finally, I’ve lived two percent of my life with my apartment disconnected from the electric grid.

EventEvent DateTime since (years)Percent of my life sincePercent of my life since if I live to 100
Phillies win World Series10/19804382%91%
Berlin wall falls11/19893465%82%
Conceived of Submedia tech06/19962752%75%
Earned PhD11/19992446%72%
9/11 attacks09/20012242%70%
Earned MBA05/20061733%65%
Great Recession01/20091528%63%
Started burpee sidcha12/20111222%60%
Idea to avoid doof10/20148.817%57%
Unplugged apartment05/20221.22%49%

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