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August 20, 2018 by Joshua
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Seeing as he faces no competition yet, it’s not too early to figure out how to win in the next election. I already wrote in How to get votes for Donald Trump my simple rule that if you follow it, you’ll create votes for Trump:

Every time you call someone sexist, racist, xenophobic, privileged, islamophobic, mansplaining, manspreading, narcissistic, or the like, you create a new vote for Trump.

including the note for those who think, “But that person is sexist!” or racist or whatever, that I’m not commenting on your rightness or wrongnesss. I’m commenting on why people vote. Our constitution doesn’t say people have to vote based on your reasons but for what reasons they want.

I included the extreme version of the rule:

Calling people deplorable creates millions of votes against you.

Those principles suggest tactics, even strategies.

No name-calling

Never use the terms sexist, racist, narcissist, etc.

Force yourself to speak so people who disagree with you understand you, not because you to consider yourself right, which requires putting their thoughts and interests before yours. If you don’t understand them enough to follow this instruction, you’ll help your cause more by not speaking than by speaking, since speaking will create votes against you.

I checked the Constitution on this one. It says people can vote for any reason they want, not for reasons you think they should.

I’m not suggesting not speaking. Just learn to care about the people you want to influence first. If you disagree and think you don’t need to understand them, ask yourself how well that worked last time. Do you want 8 years?

Guideline: speak so would-be Trump votes will think of what you said in the voting booth, ideally to agree.

Always speak as if people who disagree with you will hear

Speak the same to people who agree with you as who disagree.

The alternative is leading your candidate calling others “deplorable.”

I’m saying speak and act with integrity. Lack of integrity undermines your support, especially when you’re attacking someone else on that charge.
voting booth

Clean your home and community so they’re spotless

Clean up areas where your support is strong.

Literally clean, so not one piece of litter is there. Conservatives value cleanliness and purity more than you do and you want to influence them. Seeing coastal cities dirty leads them to feel disgust, which leads them to vote against you.

The value patriotism more than you do. They’ll expect you to treat the country how you treat your neighborhood, so a dirty community will motivate them to vote against you.

Make where you are enviable, so people feel pride in their community and people elsewhere wish they were there.

You’ll build community in the process and possibly set a new tone.

When your neighborhood is clean, clean another neighborhood.

Imagine rich people traveling to poor communities to pick up their trash, leading to spotless communities everywhere that voted against Trump in 2016. That’s a cultural shift that costs no cash, builds community, crosses class lines, racial lines, and every line you can think of. It would build community.

It would also lead people to litter less, buy less stuff that becomes garbage, and will likely lower obesity rates, diseases, and more.

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