The Leadership and the Environment Podcast: The First Recording

May 28, 2017 by Joshua
in Audio, Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Nature

When I get the podcast up and running, I’ll interview guests.

I already have audio content, so I’ll post it now.

In particular, I’m speaking on leadership and the environment Tuesday at NYU-Stern, 6pm-8pm. Register here to attend!

I recorded myself practicing, so I will post that practice recording as my first podcast post.

This page doesn’t look glamorous, but it’s a start. I’m also publicly showing it so you can see it’s development. I expect the podcast to become important and I think transparency will help motivate people to see that they can do things that become important.

Click the media player above to listen to my practice keynote talk, “Leadership and the Environment.” Then register here to attend Tuesday’s talk!

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