Leadership Lessons from Authoritarianism, and the Pursuit of Sustainability: The Bare Naked Interview

June 14, 2017 by Joshua
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Emily Ann Peterson hosts the Bare Naked Bravery Podcast, “a weekly podcast exposing the threads of heroism behind the stories and people we love most,” and she just posted her interview of me.

First, she teaches bravery like I teach leadership—active, experientially, step by step—so we spoke the same language about what we practiced in complementary areas. She subtitles her bravery lessons: “Put Yourself Out There Step-By-Step.” She’s a musician and music is usually taught that way, so I imagine she’s experienced in it.

Second, she was one of the first to delve into my growing passion for leading people and the environment, so you can hear my developing approach.

Third, we had a lot of fun and laughed, so you will too.

Her show notes say:

You’re gonna need to buckle up for this conversation because Joshua and I jump directly into the deep water of asking the question how do we change the world as leaders. We discuss why facts don’t help, why guilt is not the answer, and why authoritarianism is equally ineffective for changing the world. Speaking of authoritarianism, we also got to talk a little about his experiences in North Korea and how important discipline is to someone who values freedom like he and I both do.

Listen to the conversation!

From her About page:

Hi! I’m Emily Ann Peterson.

I create Resonance for people who…

crave all things beautiful, strong, sacred, & sensual,

love feeling really alive & hate feeling lonely,

need to make stuff & are never satisfied,

struggle to remember what hope feels like,

deeply yearn for something secret,

look for a life filled with meaning,

are totally over being bored & are really into creativity,

for people who are ready to really connect.

I do this through…


I have 3 albums right now.


Check out my next concerts and learn about house concerts.


Read about my students, mentorship, and classes.

hosting a podcast

Check out the latest episodes!

public speaking

Watch my TEDxTalk!

& of course writing

via my blog, book, and weekly letters.

When I’m not doing all that, I am…

traveling around the globe housesitting & petsitting,

consulting remotely for a handful of marketing clients,

drinking boxed wine with my closest friends,

writing stream-of-consciousness daily,

making to-do lists,

and impatiently waiting for the latest picture of my nieces.

background2 - EmilyAnnPeterson.com.jpg

I used to…

be a full-time cellist and cello teacher. I loved every bit of it.

But in December of 2013, I was diagnosed with a degenerative, hereditary, neurological tremor in my right hand, my bow hand.

I call it my other biological clock.

As you can imagine, it’s been life-altering… in some of the best and worst ways.

Today I still play & teach the cello, just not for as many hours at a time.

Because of this, I now write and perform my songs on piano and my great grandpa’s tenor guitar.

Random Facts

(If you’re just dying to know more…)

I lived in Pau, France for 4 months in 2002 and in Ankara, Turkey for 8 months in 2006.

Matcha green tea please!

I drive a minivan because, yes, I’m that cool.

No, I don’t have kids – just a lot of instruments. 😉

Listen to the conversation!

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