Making Challenging Life Choices (Audio)

January 23, 2018 by Joshua
in Audio, Choosing/Decision-Making, Entrepreneurship, Stories

You often have to choose between options without enough information.

How do you choose?

You can never know everything you want for all life choices, yet you can’t avoid acting.

Today I’m posting my answer by audio. I start with a story of a student with just such a challenge and show what we can learn from situations like them.

I consider these lessons among the greatest one can learn.

Saturday Morning Hudson River podcast with Joshua Spodek

Saturday Morning Hudson River podcast with Joshua Spodek

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4 responses on “Making Challenging Life Choices (Audio)

  1. Hi Josh,

    as I’ve never posted any comment so far, first I want to thank you for the inspiration and good advice you’re spreading.
    Indeed it’s reading your blogposts that lead me to start working out and do something for my health and wellness (hopefully this time I won’t quit after one month…).
    Back to your audio, I just want to add that a therapist I used to see taught something pretty alike.
    It sounds like this: choose after you’ve chosen, or after someone or something chose for you.
    The meaning I give to this is, when you find yourself into something you picked up (or something you didn’t pick up yourself), then make it your choice ‘a posteriori’, transform that into your choice, give it all the resources and enthusiasm and commitment you can.
    It will probably turn out to be the best choice, you can transform it into the best choice, even if you had to undergo.

    Hope I have explained that clearly, and would like to know your opinion.

    Nicola (from Italy)

    • Glad to hear from you, Nicola. First, thank you for sharing that my material has helped. Feedback like yours helps motivate me.

      I agree that once you’ve chosen and can’t undo a choice, the best strategy is to use that choice to make your life as good as possible, if I understood you. My first Harvard talk talked about that perspective.

      Many people look back with regret or judgment, forgetting that when they chose, they chose as best they could at the time. Maybe they know better now, but they didn’t then.

      I’ve learned not to look back with judgment, but rather to say, “I’m here now, not there then. What can I do?” I can’t help sometimes regretting or judging, but less with experience. I look back to learn from the experience when I can.

  2. It was very helpful! It reminded me of a video by Eckhart Tolle that I watched yesterday in which he said that our past consciousness is different naturally from today’s so we should not blame ourselves for making the particular choices in the past.

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