My Mom, the new face of fashion

September 21, 2012 by Joshua
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It seems grandmothers running marathons appeals to a lot of people.

A fitness and fashion line called Miss Matahari has profiled my mother as one of (currently the first on the page, naturally) several inspirational women representing the fitness and fashion-inspired brand. Better branding you won’t find at any price. Their tagline is

Have you ever wanted to do something others told you was impossible?

I could get behind that perspective.

Here’s one of the images of the brand (neither model is my mom)

Miss Matahari

Personally, I think the clothes look great. I know Natasha, the entrepreneur behind Miss Matahari, but that’s not why I’m talking about her site and line. I just like how the clothes look.

EDIT: I’m taking the liberty of quoting Natasha on an email when I asked her about the brand in introducing her to my mom because it resonates with so many themes I try to express here — exercise, awareness, activity, entrepreneurship, and the the results they bring you of emotional reward.

My aim with Miss Matahari is to empower women through exercise. No-one can argue that with fitness and well-being comes a whole host of positives, from improved self esteem, a stronger mind to tackle other external issues or simply that extra bounce in your step, which is why I have created clothes that flatter too – taking that first leap is often the hardest. If I can make women feel even that teeny bit happier about the way they look, then I just might encourage more to go out there and start. Miss Matahari will also be a platform from which inspirational women can come together to spread the word YOU CAN DO IT!!

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