Telling my awesome story on stage about inspiring my mom’s first marathon

February 29, 2012 by Joshua
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Monday night I told my second story at the Moth, to about two hundred people.

A bit scary, though not as scary as last time, but awesome!

Improving public speaking improves your abilities in almost any field. Few structures match the story structure in engaging people to listen. That’s why I stuck my neck out to practice storytelling in public — to exercise useful skills. And to have fun, of course.

Here’s my second on-stage story, based on inspiring my mom to run her first marathon. I’m happy with how the story came out, despite my nerves and inexperience. I see ways to improve, though welcome feedback. I owe thanks to my friend Mick who recorded it, though he missed the opening line, which says that after finishing a marathon, the next day… (continues in the video)

For reference, here are two posts about my first time storytelling (post 1, post 2) and here’s a post on how to structure stories.

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