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March 12, 2011 by Joshua
in Blog, Nature

I haven’t forgotten about finishing up the creativity series. I got Creativity: Beyond the Myth of Genius out from the library again and am researching about the research before Jacob‘s.

In the meantime, and continuing yesterday’s topic of friends doing awesome things, check out what my friend from graduate school days, when she was a post-bac pre-med, is doing: a micro-farm in Nyack, 24 miles from Manhattan. Here’s a recent article about them getting started and what they do in a local magazine. Here’s a story about them in NPR.

It sounds like various members of my family, who are all into gardening, cooking, composting, etc, will be visiting and bringing nieces and nephews.

Speaking of composting, I’ve been collecting compost to bring to Union Square, but it’s inconvenient. Does anyone know a place closer to the West Village I can bring it to?

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