Not only Pride and Queer Liberation: A Regular Day in Washington Square Park

June 30, 2022 by Joshua
in Addiction, Nature, Visualization

I posted videos and images the other day After the Pride and Queer Liberation Marches 2022: Washington Square Park wrecked again. I could cry. This morning, I saw the every day wreckage of Washington Square Park and felt I should show it on a regular day.

To be fair, I only took pictures of the northwest corner. The rest of the park was covered with poisonous plastic waste, all unnecessary, all making people’s lives worse, impoverishing the poor, depriving them of resources, but not on the scale of after the Pride March and Queer Liberation March.

You’ll see a few syringes of the many strewn about, giving you an idea of what motivates the mess. Addiction means hopeless and helpless to see a possibility for tomorrow being better than today, so why care about a mess?

To clarify: if you are not living sustainably you are likely as addicted as a heroin user and everyone leaving this mess in Washington Square Park. As horrific as it looks, it’s nothing compared to the poison and pollution from one flight, regularly ordering takeout, owning a big car, or any of what Americans consider normal.

These pictures aren’t of aberrations. They are of America and the overindustrialized world. If you pay to support it and feel you can’t help it, I ask you

The addicts in the park tell me they can’t stop. Do you think they can kick their addictions, even if difficult? If so, can you, even if difficult?

Let’s start with the biohazard box. How did a biohazard box get into a public park a few steps away from a playground?!?

Here are the rest. Note the Roe versus Wade poster litter at the bottom wasn’t from the northwest corner. That litter was from near the fountain in the middle of the park. I’ll leave it to you to guess if the people who printed and littered it would describe themselves as caring about the environment.

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