How to review a podcast on iTunes (Video)

December 5, 2017 by Joshua
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Apple approved my podcast, Leadership and the Environment, for iTunes yesterday. If you want to help the environment, I hope you’ll review it there.

The Leadership and the Environment podcast

Why review Leadership and the Environment?

Leadership and the Environment helps people who want to change their behavior but feel discouraged. Americans pollute and degrade the environment more than almost anyone. Everyone I know wants to degrade less, but does little.

I see a leadership vacuum—someone to help people achieve their goals. Leaders help people find meaning and purpose. Leaders help change beliefs and goals. The mainstream belief that growth solves most problems is exacerbating the problem, blinding people to see the damage it’s causing.

Featuring influential people changing their behavior will help people act and help change cultural beliefs. So I created a podcast to do so.

If you believe in the above, increasing the podcast’s notoriety will help. I hope you’ll listen to the podcast, subscribe, and review it, especially if you believe it deserves 5 stars.

How to review a podcast on iTunes

Thank you to Ariel Margolis for producing the video.

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