Reviews of Leadership Step by Step: the Course

January 26, 2017 by Joshua
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Leadership Step by Step: the Course

Leadership Step by Step on Amazon

Below are anonymous reviews by people who did the book’s exercises. They range from first year undergraduates to graduate students to adult learners to clients in their 60s who have sold businesses. (Not all are native English speakers.)

This course really changed by definition of “Leadership.” Joshua is an amazing professor. He taught this class in a way that we learned about ourselves and then to understand others. He taught us how to find the real emotions and beliefs behind someone’s behavior and use that emotion to lead them and make them feel understood.”

“I truly hope other NYU students have the privilege of taking this course. It is the exact material that students of my generation need in order to tackle the unknown beyond graduation and in our everyday.”

This course teaches leadership not just by reading theory, but actually putting the theory into practice. In most classes we are forced to regurgitate information back to the professor, in this class we are taught to be self-accountable, which is a skill everyone should have. What I learned in this class will stick with me for life. I can’t say that about every SPS class. This course was refreshing.”

Absolutely. I would recommend this course not just to peers, but anyone interested in leadership. Honestly, even if you don’t care about being a leader, this is the kind of class which can help anyone grow as a person, not only bettering themselves in terms of leadership, but also in terms of self actualization. The social skills you learn in this class have never been taught to me in an academic environment. I suggest SPS keep this course because it’s one of a kind.”

“Uniquely distinct from any previous NYU course I have taken thus far. Professor Spodek was exceptionally adept at teaching this course’s material … this class was clearly structured and well thought out. It would be impossible for one not to recognize the amount of time, passion, and dedication Professor Spodek invested in this course … it had a profound impact on me personally.”

“This is the most influential yet relaxing class that I have ever taken in my life. … I really loved, enjoyed it, and constantly amazed by how much I learned more and more over the course of practicing Joshua’s exercises. … This is a mutual experiential seminar for both students and professor to explore the meaning of leaderships. … this is a really great class that I will recommend to my friends.”

“This class embodied the perfect balance between in-class work and real-world exercises. I think NYU lacks a great deal in that area! … As a result of what I learned from the course, I have been able to have wonderful interview experiences and network effortlessly. I use to think that majority of leading involved delegating task, but boy was I wrong. I learned that most of what consist of being a leader was connecting with people, being able to tap in their innate abilities, and get the job the in the best way possible.”

“This course is very practical. The things I got from the class can be applied in daily life as soon as I learned them. I also like the way how Josh taught this course. It makes me feel like talking with friends… I really like this course and actually I already recommended this course to several friends. I think this course can be useful to them as to me.”

“It is an open class and it’s really helpful since our instructor teaches the mindset and the basic logic of leadership. I think it is really helpful and way much better than just focusing on case study… I personally hate case study, therefore, I believe the class has the potential to change people’s mind about how to teach leadership.”

I would recommend this course to my peers. This course let me realize more of myself. It is a discovery process of my emotion, motivation, and behavior. It is also helpful to understand more of others’ behavior / feeling. It’s helpful for both life and learning.”

Leadership Step by Step on Amazon

I’ve learned now to lead others with empathy and connect tasks to motivations or passions. I will be able to be an effective leader with these newly acquired skills in future roles… experiential learning is a great way to learn skills and be able to apply them in real life.”

This course is helpful in both business leadership and personal relationships. Everyone would benefit from it.”

“I really want to say you are my favorite professor and you are a really excellent instructor and friend. I learnt so many things from you and my life has changed a lot because of this awesome course and you. Thank you for what you did for us and I really appreciate it.”

I would definitely recommend this class to my other friends. I think this course can not only improve our professional career, but also our personal life as well.”

“Even as an intern, I was able to lead my own colleagues and supervisors into helping me land my first out of college job by getting them to offer me a position at the company. Without this course and the techniques/exercises you taught us, I don’t think I would have been able to seize every leadership opportunity and successfully interact with my bosses and colleagues to the point where they actually offered me a job. I really want to thank you for all the knowledge I’ve gained from this course, it turned out to be one of the most useful and meaningful classes I’ve taken at NYU and challenged me to reconsider and re-define my understanding of true leadership.

“Personally, identifying with Josh’s passion for leadership and seeing the great powers it it has on creating growth/change, I believe very much that my participation in these exercises were infused with honest effort and great enthusiasm. … I have found increased meaning in the work I do, and have found myself more motivated to arrive and thrive within those spaces. … I am beyond grateful. Thank you.

“One of the most important things that I learned from this class was how to connect the exercises to my everyday life and to teach and inspire others to lead when they are struggling.”

Leadership Step by Step on Amazon

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