Stellar reviews of other courses I’ve taught like Leadership Step by Step

January 27, 2017 by Joshua
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Leadership Step by Step, the book by Joshua Spodek

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Reviews of Other Courses of Joshua Spodek

Below are anonymous reviews by people who did the progression of exercises of other courses that I teach in the same style as Leadership Step by Step. They range from first year undergraduates to graduate students to adult learners to adult clients. (Not all are native English speakers.)

This is one of the greatest classes I have ever taken. It was engaging, thought provoking, challenging, and fun. Josh is an incredible teacher, mentor, and friend to everyone in the class who is passionate about the subject matter. If I could take this class all over again, I would”

“10/10 would take again! I loved every second of this class, but what’s cooler, is that I think I may have loved the homework even more.”

“I cannot even begin to express how much I have enjoyed this course. It is by far the best class I have taken while at NYU. Thank you, Josh, for your time, wisdom, and passion. It made an incredible impact on my life.”

“As a Stern alum who concentrated in Management, Joshua Spodek’s class better taught me more applicable and meaningful management skills than any courses from the Management Department.”

As a senior, this was the first course that challenged me, asking me to think outside my comfort zones. Yet, it is also where I developed a strong network of supporters through group projects.”

“Message for future students: Take the course seriously. Take advantage of every aspect of the course. In my seven semesters at NYU, it’s easily been one of the most valuable courses I’ve taken; please give it the time it deserves. Don’t be scared to reach out to people, anyone at all, for advice. The worst they can say is no and the best is invaluable.”

Take the course! As a senior, I think it’s incredibly necessary for students to be equipped with some business knowledge before going into the ‘real world.’ Furthermore, the class taught me how to create sustainable solutions to remedy problems I’m passionate about. I’m incredibly grateful for the business and social tools I gained from this course.”

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If you are considering this course, stop. Don’t consider it. Do it. Put it in your shopping cart in registration and enroll yourself in it. Just do it. I cannot express enough how great of a decision it was to take this class. If you are in the class, enjoy it. Be immersed in everything it has to offer, because there is so much you can learn from it. Don’t get lost on Facebook. Because if you do, you are royally screwing yourself out of an amazing opportunity. This is one of those classes where you get as much from it as you put in. So put in everything you have and more. It will pay off and it will be an incredible investment of your time. If you have the opportunity to stay after class and learn even more from Josh, DO IT.”

” do not want to leave the classroom. THANK YOU JOSH!”

“I would say that this class makes you refreshingly uncomfortable. The curriculum forces you out of your comfort zone. I am also glad that at the end of the semester we have a tangible project to walk away with.”

“This course combined an experiential method with fundamental concepts (such as leadership, market feedback, and developing relationships with investors and possible workers.) As a result, this course was one I most looked forward to each week. Josh’s genuine interest in the subject and his anecdotes about his own experiences with his ventures provided valuable insight and inspiration to his students. I don’t see any weaknesses in this course. This experiential method has provided me with the skills and confidence that has encouraged me to pursue the minor in Social Entrepreneurship.”

“This class is really what you make of it. You can do the bare minimum of each assignment and pass the course or you can put 110% into everything and get more than a class project at the end of the semester. I really learned a lot, about entrepreneurship, about problems in our world, about communication, and about passion, from the class and from Josh. I hope you can get as much out of it as I did!”

Greatest course I have taken.

He is the best prof I have ever seen in this school. I strongly recommend him to continue teaching this class for our engineering students. It is practical and really useful in our future career and social networking.”

This is the best class I have ever taken in US. The prof is nice and the course is very useful. I hope I can take this class again”

Pre-order Leadership Step by Step on Amazon!


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