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April 14, 2020 by Joshua
in Nature, Nonjudgment

Rob and Andrew at invited me back, this time for a three-way conversation: Maga Media Podcast ep35: Guest Joshua Spodek| Climate Change, Coronavirus & the Great American Lockdown.

EDIT: I recommend everyone watch these videos on preventing pandemics including COVID-19, considering how much our behavior is causing them:

Their notes for this episode are brief: “Rob & Andrew speak with guest Joshua Spodek on Climate change, the Coronavirus and The Great American Lockdown. Joshua is a professor at NYU and blogger. Check out his website:“.

Here’s the video:

If my appearing on a site so supportive of President Trump—few I know consider him helping the Earth’s ability to sustain life and human society—I recommend this background:

After all, you might as why they brought someone like me on, so it’s a two-way experience.

You’ll see my first time in a public discussion with people who have long worked together, sometimes at odds with my vision for a what I consider a healthy future, so I played more conservative (no pun intended) than in usual conversation. That is, I spoke little on some topics, favoring the most important message the media is missing: preventing future pandemics.

We plan to do more shows together so I expect to develop my voice with experience.

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