Stealing Happiness Back from Comfort

January 20, 2017 by Joshua
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I guest posted today with the Lead Change Group, whose vision and mission are:

Our Vision

The Lead Change Group is a global, virtual community dedicated to encouraging and showcasing great ideas and helping leaders in their own professional growth.


We will encourage, energize and equip one another to leading change – in ourselves, in others, and in our communities. We want to be a resourceful, supportive community sharing and multiplying powerful leadership content.

They have monthly themes, and this month’s was “five thieves of happiness” (control, conceit, consumption, coveting, and comfort), after one of its member’s book’s title.

My story, “Stealing Happiness Back from Comfort,” began

Stealing Happiness Back from Comfort

The winter I renovated my apartment was one of the coldest I remember. I couldn’t stay there during the project. My sister generously let me stay in her family’s house, but the basement guest room was dark and drafty and the commute from Queens was long.

The one-month renovation turned to two, then three, then four, then five. The costs overran to double. Everyone’s patience wore thin. It’s uncomfortable to impose on someone so much, even family, no matter how generous your host.

I taught an evening class in Brooklyn that semester. The commute home went all the way through Manhattan, often after midnight. When the express went local for track work, I would be stuck underground, stalled between stations, not knowing when we would move again.

Read the rest at Stealing Happiness Back from Comfort.

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