My interview by Leaders in Software and Art

on April 9, 2012 in Art, Blog, Creativity

Leaders in Software and Art posted their interview of me at my solo show at Crossing Art Gallery last June. I thought Isabel did great camera work with a medium that’s hard to capture on video (EDIT: see comment below, where Isabel pointed out Jeff Becker did the camera work). I’m in Beijing, where the government blocks video-sharing sites, so I can’t see how the above video renders. Here’s the[…] Keep reading →

“Elements” — Special viewing of my art December 10, 8-10pm

on December 6, 2011 in Art, Creativity

Please join us for a special viewing of Elements Artwork by Joshua Spodek at District 36 If you missed my show at Crossing Art Gallery in June, this will be your first chance to see my new series. If you’ve only seen my public pieces Union Square and Bryant Park, this series is on a whole other level. Plus we can have wine here. If you haven’t seen it since[…] Keep reading →

Director of MTA Arts for Transit on Union Square in Motion

on November 26, 2011 in Art, Blog, Creativity

The Architectural League of New York‘s online magazine Urban Omnibus interviewed Sandra Bloodworth, the Director of the MTA Arts for Transit. In the article, “Arts for Transit: A Conversation with Sandra Bloodworth,” she mentions Union Square in Motion, which is also shown in photograph. Considering others mentioned and pictured include Roy Lichtenstein, Sol LeWitt, and Elizabeth Murray, that’s an honor. The quality and quantity of art within the MTA is[…] Keep reading →

Union Square in Motion on NY1

on November 6, 2011 in Art, Blog, Creativity

Usually I keep the stories about art on the art page, but a two-minute news story on NY1 on Union Square in Motion gets special mention. The reporters did their research and spent time understanding the piece. Plus with the designers Coco && Breezy passing by and being interviewed, the exchange was amazing. Below is the news story and here is the link to the NY1 story online. The video[…] Keep reading →

Union Square in Motion NY1 Interview with designers

on November 4, 2011 in Art, Creativity

The scene: Friday 10am at Union Square in Motion. NY1 is interviewing Jeanne Kelly, Josefina Santos, and me. After the interviews, the NY1 crew record us watching the display. The action: While recording us, as often happens, a group of maybe ten or so riders stops to watch the display too. Among the people who stop are there particularly stylish people who show more enthusiasm and interest in the art[…] Keep reading →

Audio interview: my first sale, with Coca-Cola

on October 24, 2011 in Audio, Blog, Entrepreneurship

Following up last week’s interview on sales lessons from a great failure, this week’s interview covers the result of sticking with it after that failure: Submedia’s first sale, which came with Coca-Cola signing as Submedia’s début advertiser, as documented in the New York Times, for example, and elsewhere. I doubt Submedia could have achieved such a great success without first having gone through a spectacular failure at first. Small interface:[audio:][…] Keep reading →

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