This Sustainable Life: Solve for Nature launches from Japan, hosted by Eugene Bible

January 23, 2021 by Joshua
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The latest offshoot of This Sustainable Life launched today from Kyoto, Japan, This Sustainable Life: Solve for Nature, following branches coming from Andreas in Sweden, Alison in England, Nicola in Italy, and more soon.

The host, Eugene Bible, already hosts a blog, Verdant Growth, and a video channel, both on sustainability. As an engineer, he focuses on solving our environmental problems through science and engineering.

I subscribed. I recommend you do too! If you want to start a branch too, contact me and let’s talk about training.

Eugene’s podcast notes

From the podcast page:

On TSL: Solve For Nature, our guests are the heroes using science, engineering, and technology to save our world from climate change, pollution, and the environment. We hear their stories and solutions, then offer them a chance to act. To take on a challenge to make their own lives more joyful and fulfilling through sustainability and living by their values.

We focus on leadership, awareness, action, and the environment. We replace “What I do doesn’t matter” with stories, meaning, purpose, and community. We hope that you join us in building a community dedicated to living better, sustainably.

Eugene’s first episode

His first episode features me:

About Eugene

From his about page:

My name is Eugene Bible, I’m a graduate of mechanical engineering from the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA). I currently live in Japan, where I live with my wife and daughter, and teach English to children for work.

I love nature and the environment, and it’s my dream to work in the green energy sector upon returning to the United States.

I want to influence and show people that you don’t need to be a perfect vegan, raw-diet, only-hemp-wearing, off-grid minimalist in order to be environmentally friendly! Literally ANYONE can do it.

Yes. Even you.

I promise.

SO! Let’s get started! It’s time to transition to an ECO LIFE!

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