Ultimate in Shanghai!

July 3, 2012 by Joshua
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I played ultimate in Shanghai for the first time Monday and Saturday since the tournament in August in North Korea (in particular getting the end zone D and catching the goal to win the game), which was the first time in something like five years.

Wow, nothing compares to playing ultimate. Even with probably 90 degree temperatures and high humidity, running around, throwing, and catching was awesome. It’s like what our bodies evolved for.

At 40, I thought I was done playing, but I think I’ll play regularly this summer. They have games scheduled twice a week and the community, as with ultimate communities everywhere, is fun, welcoming, international, and spirited. Come to think of it, I saw a random guy in Singapore dressed like an ultimate player a couple weeks ago. I said hi and sure enough he was. Totally set me up to want to play. Then my friend Tao in Beijing that I played with in North Korea put me in touch with the organizers here.

I hope I don’t get injured. Or rather I hope I don’t get too injured. I’m already cut and bruised. I’m scared of how sore I’ll feel tomorrow.

It’s times like this that you can’t help but think this is what life is about — running around, competition, fun, community, nature.

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