How I Wake Up in Under One Minute Every Day

April 1, 2017 by Joshua
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Yesterday my guest post, “How I Wake Up in Under One Minute Every Day,” posted in Lidiya K‘s Let’s Reach Success blog.

It begins

For most of my life, certainly the past decade, I’d take twenty-plus minutes to get out of bed after my alarm, often forty minutes or more.

Since November I’ve gotten out of bed in under sixty seconds, without fail, each day, at 6:15am.

When a mutual friend put me in touch with Lidiya and we talked about cross-posting to each other’s blogs, I saw her posts on the value of getting up early and thought I’d share my transformation. I didn’t ease into getting up in a minute. I did it one morning for the first time in my life, found it valuable, and kept doing it since.

This is through a cold, dark New York City winter. I save energy, so that meant getting out from under a warm comforter into an unheated apartment. Totally worth it, which I could only learn from doing it.

Lidiya wrote about the value of waking up early and having a morning routine. Many of us know that value. Our challenge is starting the practice and making it automatic.

They know what to do.

I’m going to share how.

Read the rest at How I Wake Up in Under One Minute Every Day.

Joshua Spodek Lidiya K Wake up in under a minute

My guest post to Lidiay K’s blog on how I wake up in under one minute every day.

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