More ways to annoy someone you’re talking to

July 20, 2013 by Joshua
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The other day I wrote about how annoying someone saying “Why are you getting hung up on just one word?” sounded. Then I noticed a friend using some other annoying words and phrases in conversation that sounded annoying and decided to share them here. I don’t think she realized how annoying she was.

So I put a few more annoying things, not as a how-to, but for people who might not realize they are provoking others and so if someone says them to you, you can avoid being annoyed as much.

Provocative things to say that belittle the other person’s values

  • Why are you offended?
  • Why are you so hung up on such a little thing?
  • I didn’t realize you were so sensitive.
  • You’re hung up on words.

To provoke more, say them as commands.

  • Don’t be so offended.
  • Don’t get so hung up on such little things.
  • Don’t be so sensitive.
  • Don’t get so hung up on words.

I’ve written before on judgmental language, but judging others will often annoy them without you realizing you’re doing it, so careful using

  • Good, bad, right, wrong, or evil
  • Acceptable, unacceptable
  • Balanced
  • Should, ought to

Perhaps the most effective way to annoy people is by interrupting them.

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