What I ate in the last 24 hours, August 2023

August 25, 2023 by Joshua
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In preparation for recording a second podcast episode with Dr. Michael Greger of Nutritionfacts.org, I tracked what I ate for 24 hours.

I didn’t plan or do anything differently. I still have no fridge or power from the electric grid, nor do I cook with gas. I do use the pressure cooker powered by my solar panels. The last time I tracked twenty-four hours of ingredients was February, for comparison.

Romaine lettuce


Pickled cucumber

Hazel nuts

Sunflower seeds

Red onion

White mushrooms


Red lentils

Cherry tomatoes

Nutritional yeast (with B12 added)

Whole rolled oats




Defatted peanut flour

cocao powder


Green split peas

Yellow split peas

Chick pea flour

Mung beans

Chia seeds (ground)

Flax seeds (ground)


Cacao nibs

Purple pepper

Serrano pepper

Sauerkraut (I fermented)

Kombucha (I fermented from apples; might be mild vinegar, also the pickled apples)

Green leaf lettuce

White onion




Basil (from windowsill)

Orange (including peel)

Red pepper



Boc Choy

Bell tomato


Chutney (fermented beet, citrus fruit, salt, jalapeno)

Green onion stalk


Ginger (ground)


Steel cut oats (possibly bulgur wheat, I forgot what I had soaked)

What I didn’t eat

No doof, specifically no refined oil, refined sugar, or supplements

I was out of turmeric, which I normally would have included. I skipped black pepper too, which I normally combine with turmeric.

My exercise in those twenty-four hours

50 burpees

Walked a couple miles carrying luggage (about 25 pounds)

Climbed about twenty-five flights

Stretches: hamstring, calves, butterfly, down dog, camel, split to about 100 degrees)

Meditate (40 minutes)

Kettle bells arms and back: curl, military press, front lifts), single-arm rows, lat raises)

Kettle bells legs: Hip thrust

Crunches, planks

Knee physical therapy: Pistol squats, curtsy lunges, clam shells, crab walk, side leg extensions

Recent vital statistics

From a recent doctor visit:

Pulse: 51 bpm

Blood pressure: 107/68

Sp02: 98%

Fresh and organic vegetables at farmers market
Fresh and organic vegetables at farmers market

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