Why I stopped eating meat, part 1

December 13, 2011 by Joshua
in Blog, Nature

People often ask me why I stopped eating meat. I wrote a few days ago about how often people ask in order to argue and how I find the question boring after having been asked roughly daily or so for decades. Still, I’ve learned to appreciate and even celebrate things I can’t change so it doesn’t get me down.

I used to argue with people about food too so I empathize with them, though I learned to stop arguing, so I feel justified in expecting more of them.

Anyway, before writing why I stopped eating meat, I’ll point out most of my reasons for not eating meat now, which I’ll write about later, are different than my reasons for stopping eating meat in 1989. I’ve lived more than half my life since then, so you’d expect my reasons to change.

I stopped eating meat for two categories of reasons: taste and intellectual reasons.

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4 responses on “Why I stopped eating meat, part 1

  1. I have three reasons: 1. Do not kill an animal; 2. Better use of world’s resources to eat plant-based, not animal food; 3. Healthier to eat plants than animals.

    As we convert FOOD into FUEL….i.e., corn and soy converted to biofuels…we increase food costs and decrease availability….thus destabilizing fragile economies in many countries, but impacting the poor and poorest, most of all.

    Perhaps we make changes only when we realize the personal impact of our own actions, such as discovering that all the independent research indicates that eating only plants, and nothing from animals, is far healthier.

    That research was the most persuasive for me.

    • I’ll write more on reasons like this in the next several posts. For now I’ll mention that health and environmental reasons persuaded me to stop eating meat, but I don’t find them persuasive anymore so they aren’t why I don’t eat meat now.

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