Audio interview: don’t just accept, celebrate!

September 26, 2011 by Joshua
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You used to get frustrated by taxes, right? You probably don’t like getting older. We all prefer accepting things we can’t change to frustration, disappointment, etc. You’ve learned to improve your life through acceptance.

Why stop there, implying the thing still bothers us? You can learn to celebrate anything you can accept, turning problems into sources of reward. On a related note, judging tends to repel others, just like people judging you, even favorably, probably bothers you. Who are they to judge, all high and mighty?

This interview talks about accepting things without judgment, which improves your life and attracts people more than judgment does. It also points out how you can learn to celebrate aspects of anything you can accept. It notes that celebrating diversity helps you learn about yourself.

This interview doesn’t cover the important question of how to find something to celebrate in what you’d otherwise merely accept, which I’ll cover in a later interview. For now, I’ll mention I don’t mean just calling something you don’t like positive. You have to look at the thing from a different point of view.



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