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on June 18, 2009 in Awareness, Blog, Creativity, Fitness, Freedom, Tips

On a scorching August day, running along the Hudson I passed a sign: “Runners: Free T-shirt for Interview.” I stopped and agreed to be interviewed. A sports apparel company was interviewing runners for a commercial. They had constructed a small plywood hut with the cameras inside that was air-conditioned. They had me wear a shirt over the one I had been running in to cover their competitor’s logo. The interviewer[…] Keep reading →

Jumping for Joy

on June 8, 2009 in Awareness, Blog, Fitness, Freedom

By the second day of silence at last week’s five-day meditation retreat, the mental static of everyday thoughts had mostly passed. During the 9am-11am session we switched techniques from focusing on breathing to scanning the body for sensations and letting them pass. After one or two scans I found I could hardly sense anything subtler than, say, my shirt on my arm. Frustrating. Another scan brought me back to my[…] Keep reading →

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