Today’s problems were yesterday’s solutions. Today’s solutions will be tomorrow’s problems.

June 11, 2015 by Joshua
in Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurs want to improve the world. They want to solve your problem so much that you prefer their solution to your money so that you give it to them.

If every entrepreneur is trying to improve things, why doesn’t entrepreneurship finish? The same could be asked for business in general.

As times change, solutions become problems. We may have collectively created more material prosperity, but in terms of happiness and health, for all the improvements our innovators claim, I’m not sure if we’re better off, and most of our improvements came from simple innovations like washing hands.

In other words, much of what people in the past considered improvements didn’t sustainably improve things. Those improvements became today’s problems, or at least things that we can improve on. That’s why entrepreneurs and creative thinkers can keep innovating.

It’s also humbling. No matter how great your improvement, someone will likely see it as a problem and try to overcome it.

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4 responses on “Today’s problems were yesterday’s solutions. Today’s solutions will be tomorrow’s problems.

  1. Totally true if you think of the environmental impact of cars, electricity (or rather, the coil and nuclear plants that generate it), etc…

    It’s interesting to think about what will come next, that could replace what we think of today as innovative. My smartphone is already taking up too much of my time, wondering if this will be considered a problem soon

    • Along these lines, I often ask what do we have today that someone thousands of years ago could have used to make themselves happier — not temporarily, like at the a thing’s novelty, but for the long term. Somehow I don’t think Aristotle would have said we could have created more enduring happiness with iPhones.

  2. Solutions are often short lived because situations change. Entrepreneurs prepare themselves for constant change and need to be adabtable. They are always on the forefront of change.

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