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How to get votes for Donald Trump

on June 30, 2018 in Leadership, Models, Tips

Since most people I know voted for Clinton, I presume most of my readers did. Though I don’t like Trump as president, as long as tens of millions of Americans voted for him, I hope my readers represent the population more faithfully than the population of lower Manhattan. Trump’s win surprised most Clinton supporters. My reaching out to Trump voters and speaking with them explained a lot to me. The[…] Keep reading →

Cold showers aren’t hard showers. They’re easy workouts.

on April 22, 2018 in Fitness, Habits,, Leadership, SIDCHAs, Tips

Cold Showers Aren’t Hard Showers. They’re Easy Workouts. Confusion about their purpose scare people from realizing their value as one of the easiest, cheapest, and effective improvement practices. I’ve written here many times on the benefits of cold showers. I’ve blogged more about them. You wouldn’t have clicked on the headline if you weren’t curious about them or already doing them. Inc. is a community of achievers and has covered[…] Keep reading →

Stand tall

on February 17, 2018 in Tips

What’s your posture right now? Were you hunched over your screen? Did you sit up straighter? Don’t stop there. Stand tall. I mean it. You know you’ll be glad you did. Get up out of your chair and stand tall. It doesn’t matter your height. Stand tall for you. If you’re bed-ridden or can’t stand for some reason, do what you can in your way to stand tall. Straighten your[…] Keep reading →

Do it on your next breath

on November 25, 2017 in Habits, Tips

My LinkedIn post today, Do it on your next breath, started: The problem You know the feeling: you’re about to start something you want to do but is hard to start. It’s usually something like exercise, mopping the floor, starting a difficult conversation with a coworker, and so on. You know what you put off. Your mind makes excuses not to. Your eyes move around to find distractions. You don’t[…] Keep reading →

A path to happiness

on September 25, 2017 in Awareness, Nature, Tips

Get some fresh fruits, vegetable, and other ingredients. Make a delicious meal. Invite some friends over to enjoy it with you. Try to be unhappy then. It’s hard. If you prepare well, impossible. Creating that environment makes you happy. You might say, it’s only for the moment, or not true happiness. I suggest instead of evaluating it, figuring out how to extend it to the rest of your life. That’s[…] Keep reading →

How NOT to reduce your pollution

on September 21, 2017 in Awareness, Choosing/Decision-Making, Nature, Tips

Do you want to pollute less but can’t stop yourself? If so, I bet you’re approaching it in a way that’s doomed to fail. You’re probably lying to yourself about how hard it is too. People ask me a lot: What do you eat if you don’t eat packaged food? What do you do to make up for not flying? Where do you get your protein? Did you ever notice[…] Keep reading →

How do I improve my storytelling?

on August 22, 2017 in Art, Creativity, Stories, Tips

My response to the question “How do I improve my storytelling?” on a forum got upvoted a lot: Practice, practice, practice. The best advice in the world only works in the context of practice. Practicing makes advice meaningful. Practice and then practice more. Then practice more. Get feedback. Seek advice. Iterate. But practice. Name anyone who mastered a performance art who didn’t practice more than most. Even if you can,[…] Keep reading →

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