How to transform my famous no-packaging vegan stew into restaurant food

August 11, 2021 by Joshua
in Fitness, Humor

Do you love restaurant food? I figured out how to make restaurant-quality food based on mine. It’s easy and works every time.

Start by making my famous no-packaging vegan stew, which I describe in How to make my famous no-packaging vegetable stew and showed on video in Vegan Seitan Stew, 4 minutes prep time (video). Then follow these four easy steps.

How to make my stew restaurant quality in four easy steps

Step1: Add a stick of butter.

Step 2: Make four times as much rice as stew.

Step 3: Add salt.

Step 4: Add a $7 bottle of wine and charge $50 for it.

There, that’s it. Add the butter and salt to the stew. Put a small amount of stew over a bed of four times as much rice as stew.

Serve with a glass of wine. Charge more than I can afford.

A restaurant near my home and typical output into the neighborhood.

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