Join my webinar THIS FRIDAY: Creating meaning, purpose, and structure under lock down (and the rest of your life)

April 28, 2020 by Joshua
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Reading in one of my online groups about people struggling to keep habits without external structure—something I think I can safely claim expertise in—I offered to share what I’ve found works in 150,000 burpees, etc.

I made an interactive webinar out of my experience—my most comprehensive, useful compilation of a decade of experience creating structure, discipline, and mental freedom. Most relevant now, I did it at no cost, not needing equipment, and totally applicable under lock down. Don’t believe me? Here’s the title slide.

They loved it, and asked for an encore. I improved it and will give it Friday.

Here’s the general announcement:

Creating meaning, purpose, and joy under lock down

Is being locked down undermining your daily structure and ways forward? Is social distancing creating loneliness and making it difficult to create meaning and purpose?

A time-tested method to handle adversity practiced by great historical figures from the Buddha, to Benjamin Franklin to Nelson Mandela is daily habits — both for your well-being and in service to others. But how do we maintain them alone, without instructors, gyms, and classes to hold us accountable?

Joshua Spodek is a published expert and coach of starting habits to last. Some of his habit-based achievements include

  • Posting to his blog daily for a decade, nearly 4,000 posts and counting
  • Doing burpee-based calisthenics daily for nine years, over 150,000 burpees and counting
  • In his fifth year not flying (by choice)
  • Picking up a piece of trash daily for over 1,000 days and counting
  • Producing less than one load of garbage per year for 3 years and counting
  • And other habits for his well-being and in service to others

Joshua will for the first time share the secrets no book, video, or resource share, illustrated with colorful stories.

It’s this Friday, 1:30pm – 3pm eastern. Email me for the url.

I look forward to seeing you there!

By the way, if you plan to attend and want to make sure I cover any questions or things you care about, email me before.

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