Leadership and the Environment Sweden launches!

May 12, 2020 by Joshua
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Ledarskap och miljön Sverige (in English Leadership and the Environment Sweden) launched today!

It is “En podd om att agera pÃ¥ sina värderingar för naturen och att finna glädje och mening i det” or “A podcast about acting on your values for nature and finding joy and meaning in it.” Beautiful!

I’m proud to be the first guest. Here’s the first episode:

Why start a new branch of Leadership and the Environment?

I’ve shared for a while the opportunity to start new branches of Leadership in the Environment X, where X is something you love that I’m not, for example

  • Leadership and the Environment California
  • Leadership and the Environment Women
  • Leadership and the Environment Fashion
  • Leadership and the Environment Politics
  • Leadership and the Environment Basketball

Andreas, the host, being Swedish, chose Leadership and the Environment Sweden. I envy him because he’ll reach Greta Thurnberg first, and maybe other Scandinavian figures like (Norwegian) Magnus Carlsen or the King of Sweden.

Starting a new Leadership and the Environment opens the door to reach the most important people in your desired field. For example, starting Leadership and the Environment Music would give you access to the world’s top musicians. The podcast structure makes guests look good and enables them to contribute to a leadership legacy on the environment.

Starting Leadership and the Environment Actors would give you access to the world’s actors. You get the idea.

The world—billions of people—craves leadership in this area. We lack role models. Leadership and the Environment creates them. You would contribute to a movement to change the culture from complacency to stewardship.

Want to start your Leadership and the Environment?

Want to meet, become a peer of, and lead the top people in your field? Contact me. I’ll train you in the technique I describe in my first TEDx talk for you to start your own Leadership and the Environment branch.

I am training Andreas, who had never created a podcast before. This first episode is part of the process. As I shared in my talk at Google on starting a podcast on the environment, everyone who starts a podcast, no matter how successful, eventually cringes at their first episode when they listen later. The best way to start is to record a first episode with low standards the first time.

Within a few episodes, Andreas will improve to beyond whatever you expect. In the meantime, I recommend listening to episode 1, subscribing, and thinking of what community you want to start your Leadership and the Environment branch for.

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