“The Value and Joy of Individual Action”: Hear me on the Growthbusters podcast

May 11, 2020 by Joshua
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One of the few podcasts I listen to every episodes of is Growthbusters. Hosts Dave and Erika invited me for a second appearance, which went live today, The Value and Joy of Individual Action.

I list Dave as one of my environmental role models.

Growthbusters Joshua Spodek Episode 44

My first Growthbusters appearance

Here is my first appearance on Growthbusters: Changing the World Starts at Home.

The Growthbusters movie

I recently posted about the Growthbusters movie, having rewatched it and found it more informative and prescient than I remember: Our greatest taboo is the greatest issue of our time.

The show notes:

Is there any use in choosing to live more sustainably if you’re surrounded by an unsustainable system? There are those who argue there is little value in making efforts to trim your own ecological footprint. They lament, “It’s difficult to skinny up your life when you live within a system that needs structural change,” built to drive itself off a cliff. The GrowthBusters disagree. But who can you turn to for good advice on this? An astrophysicist, of course!

We’re joined in this episode by NYU professor Joshua Spodek. Yes, he has a degree in astrophysics, but these days he’s busy teaching and coaching leadership and entrepreneurship, doing TEDx talks, authoring best-selling books, blogging daily, and hosting his own podcast. It takes Joshua a year to accumulate a load of trash, and he hasn’t hopped on a plane in four years. So when it comes to both the joy, and the value, of individual planet-saving action, Josh is our guy.

LINKS: (We didn’t get around to discussing all these, but we want to share them with you, anyway.)

Towards the ‘Walden Wage”

Waiting for the World to End – by The Mavericks

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