Research that avocado seeds are healthy

March 12, 2024 by Joshua
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Americans waste about 40 percent of our food. I’ve written how I eat healthy parts of plants like citrus peels, mango peel, and banana peel.

When I tell people I do, the same people who decry food waste ask why I eat them. They’re healthy food! The challenge is to combine them to taste good, or to acquire the taste. I recommend eating all the edible, healthy parts of a plant. People all around the world do.

I eat avocado pits too. I recently found research that shows their healthiness. I’ll cite the sources and quote their conclusions, albeit full of jargon. That’s academic writing for you.

From Avocado seed discoveries: Chemical composition, biological properties, and industrial food applications:

Avocado is widely grown and consumed fruit crop in tropical and subtropical regions while exported to the rest of the world because of its delicious taste, rich nutrient composition, and several health-promoting bioactivities in the human system. However, its seeds are generally considered as agricultural and food processing waste. The present review article has discussed that the seed remnants generated from the avocado fruit processing industries also exhibit several important constituents such as proteins, polyphenolic compounds, unsaturated fatty acids, antimicrobials and polysaccharides with promising biological and functional properties. The in vitro and in vivo studies on animal models along human cell lines using avocado seed extracts have proved its health-promoting properties like a strong antioxidant, anti-microbial, anticancer, anti-obesity, anti-inflammation, anti-diabetes, and anti-neurogenerative agent. Based on the nutritional and healthful bioactivities of avocado seeds, the present review also summarized their applications in the development of functional food for cancer and diabetic patients. Several experiments have been performed to validate the safety of avocado seed consumption; however, reports on its mechanism of action and metabolism in humans are limited. It is evident that a multidisciplinary research approach has encouraged the utilization of avocado seed residue as a healthy ingredient in the food industry. Recently, the application of avocado seed in functional food or food ingredients has gained much attention from many researchers. However, the understanding is still unearthed with respect to the molecular mechanism of bioactivities of avocado seed extracts. As the food industry looks to become more sustainable, repurpose of waste generated during processing into value-added products is essential. An in-depth investigation on the safety and pharmacological activities of specific compounds from avocado seed extract for pharma and food application needs to be proved. Also, there needs to be further research into valorization approaches as a cost-effective raw material.

From Avocado (Persea americana) Seed as a Source of Bioactive Phytochemicals:

From Avocado fruit and by-products as potential sources of bioactive compounds:

Avocado fruit and its by-products, such as seeds and peels, are rich sources of nutrients and phytochemicals, although the by-products are seldom used and commonly discarded and wasted. The type and amount of extractable components vary according to the solvents used for extraction, but appropriate and safe use of solvent supersedes extraction efficiency when dealing with products destined for human and animal consumption. The diversity of avocado fruit phytochemicals includes various phenolic

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