At 46, I have the fitness of an under-20-year-old. You can too.

November 7, 2017 by Joshua
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I may sound like I’m bragging or humble-bragging, but I’m just sharing my results from answering the questions at a web page,, that an article in the New York Times, How to Age Well, linked to.

It says that

At 46 years old I have the fitness of an under-20-year-old.

Old man still got it.

So read it and weep, all of you who value fitness but don’t practice a fitness sidcha. Burpees cost nothing and take a few minutes a day. Rowing and running take longer but are more enjoyable.

To those who don’t value fitness, that’s your business and your values. Personally, I prefer fitness. That’s why I exercise vigorously every day and have for years. If I don’t, I lose my fitness fast. It would be nice to have a body that held on to it forever, but I don’t.

I just learned to enjoy the exercise, even when sick or injured.

Joshua Spodek's fitness age according to

Joshua Spodek’s fitness age according to

EDIT: It’s the next morning and I already heard back from a longtime reader and friend:

Hello Josh—I’m finally sitting down with your book today. I’ll check in with you in 5 months about it.

I just did your fitness test and scored to be 47 years old. Pretty good for a 67 year-old lady. I think my numbers could be even better. I’m doing 10 salutations to the sun every day rather than your burpees but I’ll get to a burpee within the next month (I’m recovering from a foot injury) and then I’ll start keeping track and match your 100,000. 🙂

You are inspiring me to do my best so thanks!

I notice that she’s the same age as my mom when she ran her first marathon. I wonder if she’s considering training.

I’ll also share this video I found a while ago of the Dalai Lama doing sun salutations every morning that the person posting called burpees for fun:

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