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Recovering from running a marathon versus rowing a 2k

on May 15, 2020 in Fitness, Stories

I recently shared this experience with someone who described the feeling of suffering after beating their personal best for rowing a 2k: Your story reminds me of finishing my first running marathon. In the area where runners could get their bags and put on warm clothes, some happy-go-lucky guy, despite also having just finished, jauntily walks in saying spritely, “You did it! It hurts now, but the pain will pass[…] Keep reading →

I rowed a marathon today

on February 27, 2019 in Fitness, Habits

Three weeks ago, inspired by an Olympic gold medalist and Crossfit Games champion podcast guest, I rowed my first half-marathon. Before then, I don’t think I had rowed more than 7,500 meters at once, and even that distance happened probably five years ago. But the inspiration came from seeing the Crossfit competitors rowing a marathon, not a half marathon, so the I knew I had to go the distance one[…] Keep reading →

My first rowing half-marathon

on February 5, 2019 in Blog

I recently interviewed Olympic gold medalist and Crossfit Games champion Anna Tunnicliffe Tobias, whom I met through America’s Cup winner and podcast guest Dawn Riley. Given Anna’s achievements, she’s remarkably down to Earth (as is Dawn). In researching her, I found that last year’s Crossfit Games included a rowing marathon—that is, rowing 42,195 meters. The athletes learn what events they’ll do only hours before competing, so they just had to[…] Keep reading →

Redefining possibility: This 85-year-old marathoner runs faster than you

on December 29, 2016 in Fitness, Models

I remember people telling me as a kid that it was inevitable to get fat when you turned 30 or 40. When you’re young, you believe grown-ups. Sadly, you don’t know that they’re just telling you beliefs they’ve told themselves to excuse their mediocrity or having chosen ice cream and cookies in their two options in life. Sadder still, if people rise to the level expected of them, as I[…] Keep reading →

First half-marathon of the year

on May 23, 2015 in Fitness, Habits, Nature

New York City has a sunny, breezy, dry day in the sixties. Yet another perfect day for running. How could I resist. I’ve made a Memorial Day weekend tradition of my first long runs of the year to start the summer. Some details that make running fun The saltiness of the sweat mixed in the water when you shower after The exhaustion on finishing Continuing to run when your body[…] Keep reading →

You won’t believe this marathoner

on January 30, 2015 in Fitness

Regular readers know I read the New York City marathon results from the back to see the oldest finishers and finding meaning in the results, as in “On reading the 2010 New York City Marathon results.” The other day I got the official result “magazine,” opened to the back and found Margaret Hagerty, a 91-year-old woman who finished the 2014 marathon. She finished two seconds behind a 58-year-old woman. Eight[…] Keep reading →

Joshua Spodek’s 2014 New York City Marathon Results

on November 3, 2014 in Exercises, Fitness, Visualization

I finished the 2014 New York City Marathon with my best finishing time for the race and my second best time ever! Philadelphia, where I got my best, is flatter and has fewer people, which makes faster times easier. New York, with its hills, crowds, and turns, never gives great finishing times—just an unparalleled running experience, with dozens of bands, hundreds of neighborhoods, and probably over a million fans. My[…] Keep reading →

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