Audio interview: ultimate frisbee in Pyongyang, North Korea

October 31, 2011 by Joshua
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On Sunday, September 4, 2011, I played in the first ever ultimate Frisbee games and tournament in North Korea in Pyongyang. North Korea is as much a frontier to Americans as any place on Earth today. I believe like ping-pong diplomacy opened China before Nixon did, so will ultimate play a greater role in normalizing relations with North Korea than any traditional diplomacy.

This interview talks about the emotions involved and how sport transcends language and cultural barriers.

Small interface:


Big interface: [videofile][/videofile]


EDIT: I incorporated some of this interview (edited and polished) in my ebook, Understanding North Korea: Demystifying the World’s Most Misunderstood Country. I wrote the book to help increase understanding, communication, and freedom.

Joshua Spodek Understanding North Korea cover

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