Life-Changing Habits Even (Especially) Under Lock-Down

May 5, 2020 by Joshua
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Here is the video from my webinar last week on life-changing habits during lock-down (and the rest of your life).

Wondering if you should watch? Quoting attendees:

“My boyfriend was an Olympic fencer and I texted him: this webinar is like  an insight into your brain. Now I see how you do everything and how you’re so productive.”

“Holy cow, it’s so simple. It’s so true. I could immediately see the ways . . . I’m pretty fit, I was a collegiate athlete. I work out. I’m doing the insanity program now and I was like ‘Wow!'”

“We talk a lot about freedom, whether it’s financial freedom. Mental freedom is not something I’ve thought of. I thought about freedom with my time—I’m an advertising producer in my nine to five and just thinking about, “Wow, If I had the mental freedom to explore to do this, holy cow!”

“That was revolutionary. That’s going to really help me a lot. That’s the goal of mental freedom.”

To remind you, I’ll quote the announcement:

Is being locked down undermining your daily structure, your diet, or your exercise? Is social distancing creating loneliness instead of meaning and purpose?

For the first time, I will share secrets no book, video, or resource share, illustrated with colorful stories.

A time-tested method to handle adversity practiced by great historical figures from the Buddha, to Benjamin Franklin to Nelson Mandela is daily habits — both for your well-being and in service to others.

I present how to maintain our habits alone, without instructors, gyms, or classes to hold us accountable. It’s simple, free, and you can start today, in fact, people started during the video!

The foundation of my expertise:

  • Posting to my blog daily for a decade, nearly 4,000 posts and counting
  • Doing burpee-based calisthenics daily for nine years, over 150,000 burpees and counting
  • In my fifth year not flying (by choice)
  • Picking up a piece of trash daily for over 1,000 days and counting
  • Producing less than one load of garbage per year for 3 years and counting
  • And other habits for my well-being and in service to others

Here are the slides.

Habits Under Lock-down

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